In 1999 when my wife and I started Advanced Learning Centers, we had no idea that this small, local tutoring company would take root, grow and prosper into the statewide education provider we have become. We also never dreamed that our business would become so much more; that the help and 'leg up' we give young students could forever alter, in a very positive way, these kids' futures. It was only as we began to receive evaluation forms back from parents that we began to understand what an impact we were having on kids' lives. That was the start of the transformation from this being a business to becoming a passion; to becoming a true mission where profits became secondary and our main goal became to help improve young students' options for a better future. So when we ask you to 'let our family help your family' we are very serious. My wife Barbara, my daughter Abby and I are ready, willing and able to help your family and when we say that 'We CAN Help', we really, really mean it.

Joe, Barbara, and Abby Sterensis (Owners)

Let our family help your family.


ALC Advanced Learning Centers

1911 Tyrone Blvd.

St. Petersburg, FL 33710


(727) 381-9722 / (813) 855-6466

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